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Based in Pau and working in all the Atlantic Pyrenees and other towns in France, MI’Events decorator and wedding scenographer, guides you in the development of your wedding decoration and other private events. Our mission is to design the visual harmony of your wedding, respecting your wishes. We offer our creative spirit at the service of your beautiful day, telling your story through a tailor-made decoration as you dreamed of it.

"Life is full of pretty little quality moments to celebrate"

In love with beautiful things, Mercia decided to undertake as a Wedding Designer in order to bring her touch of creativity to your most beautiful events. She believes that life is full of pretty little quality moments to celebrate and that it is important to create an atypical and beautiful decor that suits each of you. Because you are all different, you have incredible ideas and demanding tastes, it is a real pleasure for her to accompany you. She favors custom-made or personalized decoration to leave room for your imagination.
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We look forward to work with you

The place of Design in your wedding highlights the uniqueness and personalization of this exceptional moment for your life. We work with passion and we take into account the quality of each element (or accessory) that constitutes the visual harmony of your wedding. The layout of your spaces imposes on us the sense of the smallest detail and obliges us to work in a structured way for an efficient and productive result. This is why we also like to work with service providers who share the same vision as us and who also have a sense of detail and beauty.


Designer Mi'ssion

From a simple idea and often even from your story, we create your event. Our goal is to convey emotions, to bring aesthetics to your event and make memories that will last a lifetime. We take care of your wedding project from A to Z, that is to say the scenography of your wedding. When you tell us about your wedding project, we study it in order to take into account each aspect that will determine the visual of your event. A team of carefully selected service providers is also involved in this project so that you and your guests are transported to a magical and unique moment.


Do you like decorating but need some lighting from a professional? Your skills do not allow you to have the rendering you want? We are here to help you step by step to realize your event. You might gather your ideas and have already planned your installation, but we want to bring you our professional touch so that you save time in your organization, that you are satisfied with your result.


This service is particularly aimed at business professionals who wish to share convivial moments around a theme evening. We leave room for our imagination to bring you the rendering you would like to have.

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"Our services"

We offer comprehensive decoration services for your wedding and private events. Starting from a simple idea, we create your event. Our goal is to convey emotions, bring aesthetics to your event, and make memories that will last a lifetime. A team of providers (Floral designer, Photographer, Pastry chef) has been carefully selected to perfect your event.

Project study and installation:
    • Table decoration and ceremony
    • Setting up table decoration and ceremony

Fees starting from 1015€.

Project study and installation:

    • Table decoration and ceremony
    • Cocktail decoration and Photo booth

Fees starting from 1225€.

Project study and installation:

    • Table decoration – ceremony – cocktail
    • Paper goods – scenography – Gift bar


Starting at 1500€ in fees.

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We are working to ensure that the decoration of your event goes smoothly and that you are satisfied with the outcome.

When you contact us, we take note of your project, taking into account your preferences (flowers, colors, furniture). Then we agree on a meeting to study your project in detail. At the end of this meeting, you will receive a fee quote for your entire wedding or private event. Afterwards, we will send you one or two inspiration boards (visual aid containing selected photos to illustrate your style). A few months before your event, we will perform a technical visit of the venue and contact professional artisans and suppliers who will contribute to the realization of your project.

"You are unique, just like your event."

Making you unique is our specialty. During our second meeting, we present your entire project as if it were the big day, with projection sketches, merchandise to purchase or rent (with pricing), and modifications to be made if necessary. From there, all you have to do is discover and savor your decor on the big day.

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